People are weird with prepositions. Here’s a list of offenses that irk me. Granted, many are idiomatic and likely escape your definition of “mistake,” but why use an idiomatic preposition when a plainly sensical one will do?

Forget chess. OpenAI Five wants to beat humanity at a far more complex challenge.

VANCOUVER, BC — Aug. 22, 2018: A general view of a match on day 3 of The International 2018 Dota 2 Championships. Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty

Competition between humans and artificial intelligence (A.I.) usually plays out in research papers. Occasionally, there’s a public performance of a game of chess or Go in front of a staid crowd.

Last month in Vancouver, British Columbia, however, I saw something entirely different.

The Canadian city was playing host to…

Matthew Hutson

Science writer, fire dancer, guy on the Internet.

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